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Thoughts on this?

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1Thoughts on this? Empty Thoughts on this? on January 7th 2011, 1:16 am



"Kyle C. Nuyen (Michigan). The issue is self_defense in the home. The charges stemmed from his defending his 4-year old daughter and himself from what he reasonably believed to be an intruder in his home. The intruder, unbeknownst to Mr. Nuyen, was an employee of a rental company who had come to repossess a washer and dryer. Mr. Nuyen was only four days late on the payment. No shots were fired. He was convicted of felonious assault with a firearm on September 10, 2009. The conviction is on appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals. The defense filed its brief on August 14, 2010, and the prosecution filed its brief on August 27, 2010. "

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2Thoughts on this? Empty Re: Thoughts on this? on January 13th 2011, 8:48 pm


Maybe we are not getting the whole story, if he was legal to own or posses a gun then why the felony firearms charge?? Not understanding the assault w/deadly weapon since there was never an assault,he was simply protecting himself and his family which would be the same thing I would do if someone was beating at my door..I had a similar experience with a rent to own co. about 10 years ago, they didn't knock they were beating at the door over a missed payment per their records which were incorrect and proven with a simple phone call......What is this world coming to...

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