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Winchester Super Magnum 17WSM

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1Winchester Super Magnum 17WSM  Empty Winchester Super Magnum 17WSM on December 21st 2013, 2:06 am

kimber man

kimber man
I was fortunate enough to find one of the new 17WSM Savage B-Mags early in the summer. I also got my hands on some ammo for this neat little rimfire. So I thought I would share some of my opinions and findings for those of you looking for a honest opinion/review.

First and foremost this is not the best offering from Savage by a long shot. The stock is weak and the overall fit and finish of the rifle is pretty low to a typical Savage rifle. The good thing is that it is light and shoulders well which is pretty important for a hunting grade rifle.

The bolt cocks on close so it is a little strange the first couple times you cycle it. With some shooting I found it was easy to get used to. I have read on other forums that the stiffness of the bolt will get better with use. Although awkward it is not horrible.

I have gotten my hands on both the 20gr and 25gr ammo. I have not noticed a huge difference in them, meaning my rifle shoots both without a preference. Obviously there is a small difference in where they group, but both group acceptably for me. I have read some pretty bad reviews on the grouping of some of these rifles. I will say that my rifle shoots within 1.5" @ 100 yards.

I really like this rifle and I think that it is going to work out great for me. I purchased it mainly for some back yard vermin control and night time coyote/fox hunting.

I have read several debates over if this new round is better than the 17HMR that so many of us own. My opinion is mixed. I think the 17WSM has a few things going for it as far as the bullet size and the ability to reach out a little further than the 17HMR. On the other side I think the Savage 93 series rifle in 17HMR is going to out shoot the WSM round for punching paper. I also feel the Savage 93 rifles are a little nicer in quality/appearance.

Overall if you are a nighttime hunter and looking for a good hunting grade rifle with some punch by all means buy a B-Mag. If you already own a 17HMR and love that one hole group it can give you may want to pass on the B-Mag. I do not think the WSM round will ever replace the HMR, but offers a little more in some areas.

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