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Large List of firearms

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1Large List of firearms Empty Large List of firearms on April 17th 2010, 3:52 pm

Trinity Arms

We are an 01 FFL this is a partial list of things we have had around a long time. We are located in Farwell and these items can be viewed here. I also have detailed pics of everything listed just let me know an e-mail to send them too. For members of this forum I will waive all sales tax on any items!


NEW 2. 1931 Izhevsk MO dual dated (52) 91/30 Excellent condition All stamped matching with lined out and restamped floorplate. Excellent bore. The stock on this rifle is very interesting as it has several different stamps ranging from single digits, to digits in tombstones,to letter, to multiple digits in squares and circles. Still researching to see if any of these are known stamps but as of yet its a mystery. $150.00

NEW 3. 1932 Tula MO dual dateed (49) 91/30 Excellent condition. All stamped matching with lined out buttplate. Excellent bore. $150.00

NEW 4. 1932 Izhevsk MO dual date (51) 91/30 excellent condition All stamped matching lined out buttplate Excellent bore $150.00

6. 1916 Tula M91 Bulgarian Rampant Lion Marked. This rifle is Bulgarian marked with the Bulgarian Rampant Lion crudely cut into barrel shank taking the place of the Imperial Russian Mark. It also has a Bulgarian pine cone stamp on the stock. The bolt body and receiver are also stamped with the Serbian "C" so this rifle served time in both countries and was traded/sold from one to the other. This rifle is mismatched, bore is dark and dirty, wood is very good, and metal finish is 80%. A very nice condition highly collectible Mosin with a seldom seen Rampant Lion mark. $430.00 NEW PRICE $350.00

7.1900 dated M91 Mosin Nagant Manufactured at the Izhevsk arsenal. This rifle was supplied to King Nicholas of Montenegro sometime in the early 1900's. Montenegro merged with Serbia in 1919. Russia supplied Montenegro with around 40,000 rifles from 1899 to 1905. This rifle has had the Imperial Russian marks scrubbed, the Izhevsk arsenal mark is still present. This rifle bears the Eagle over HI Montenegro mark. It also has a Bulgarian pine cone stamp on the stock. The bolt does not match receiver it has been lined out and re-stamped but not matching. The butt plate does match the receiver, magazine floor plate is not matching. Rifle is in very good condition Bore is dark but very good rifling. This is a scarce version of the M91 Mosin Nagant and in collectors condition. $450.00 NEW PRICE $350.00

8. Mosin Nagant Model 91, Izhevsk 1907, German capture, marked with Duetchess Reich’s on the stock. This rifle is also SA marked and has either a Tula, Remington or NEW cartouche on stock, I cant make out the date or initials or figures, but can tell it is one of those three which are similar in design. Example is vg 80% with good wood and bore which is dark. No cleaning rod. non matching $350.00 NEW PRICE $320.00

9. 1941 Finnish M39 VKT. Rifle is 80% with very good bore. Bolt is non matching with plum extractor, correct wartime stock which is marked with Linden stock makers cartouche. $315.00 NEW PRICE $300.00

1. Czech VZ 52 rifle. Barrel and receiver matching Bore is very good+. Stock has several splits, missing outer buttplate, handguard, rear sight leaf spring. Gas assembly is all present as is trigger grouping and bayonet. Metal finish is very good with very minor pitting under wood line on barrel. Comes with 2 mags. This is in 7.62 x 45 cal. Small import mark. $250.00

2. Remington Model 11 sn# puts it late 20's manufacture. Bluing is around 75% or better, bore is very good+. Stock has been shortened and it is missing buttplate. Also missing a capture screw on left hand side. I have not shot this but action functions perfect shells do eject and feed no problems. $250.00
3. CZ 52 frame. No top half. All internal parts are present trigger group etc as well as grips in very good+ condition $100.00

01 GUNS:

1.Century Arms J-87 12 gauge single shot break open shotguns, full or modified choke new in box, have a few of each choke. Must go to 01 $100.00

2.Cobra 2 shot derringer in .38 Spcl. shot three times Blued Rosewood grips with box and paperwork. Must go to 01 FFL $165.00

3. Chinese Winchester 1897 Copy Brand new in box. 12 gauge pump shotgun of course. This is well made and has very nice looking wood on it. Comes with box and paperwork. never fired and action only cycled three or four times. have had this for 6 or 7 years and has just sat in box. Outer sleeves of box is a little torn at edges. $290.00

2Large List of firearms Empty cobra 38 on April 18th 2010, 6:48 pm


Is the cobra s/s or Over an under.??. Thankx BUTCH

3Large List of firearms Empty Re: Large List of firearms on April 18th 2010, 9:06 pm

Trinity Arms

Its blued and an over and under.

4Large List of firearms Empty KEWL on April 18th 2010, 10:34 pm


Send me your Mailing Address And I will send ya CK for say 75 down ,And come an get it in a week to 10 days ,IF thats ok With you ,,And i can finaly meet ya, an see wat else you got...Thankx Butch Or all me 9 am 989 561 5105,,

5Large List of firearms Empty payment on April 20th 2010, 2:46 pm


Sent a postal M Order to ya this am ...Butch,,Thankx

6Large List of firearms Empty payment on May 3rd 2010, 10:47 am


Hey Guy ,,Will Get U a second M Order off today 75.00,,. Will get it picked up asap Butch,,AN THANKX

7Large List of firearms Empty Re: Large List of firearms on May 18th 2010, 2:11 am


"For members of this forum I will waive all sales tax on any items!"
Very cool.

"If guns cause crimes then all of mine are defective."-Ted Nugent

"I love my country, I love my guns, I love my family, I love the way it is now, and anybody that tries to change it has to come through me, that should be all of our attitudes, cause this is America, and a country boys good enough for me"

8Large List of firearms Empty 97 norinco on August 9th 2010, 6:09 am


Hey Cris. Is the 97 norinco a copy of the Trench gun??/ Thankx Butch

9Large List of firearms Empty Re: Large List of firearms on September 1st 2010, 8:21 pm

Trinity Arms

kma1 wrote:Hey Cris. Is the 97 norinco a copy of the Trench gun??/ Thankx Butch
Not the trench gun, the Cowboy style 97.

10Large List of firearms Empty PSL on October 6th 2010, 3:51 pm


Sen't Ya a E mail ,,,Call ME Rolling Eyes

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