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Moose hunting in Northern MI????

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1Moose hunting in Northern MI???? Empty Moose hunting in Northern MI???? on December 24th 2010, 3:08 am



From above link:

Granholm signs Mich. moose hunting law
Would allow it in state's Upper Peninsula

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Gov. Jennifer Granholm has signed a bill that could allow moose hunting in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The state says on its website that the measure was signed this week into law.

An advisory council is expected to conduct a study of the moose population and recommend the number of hunting licenses that should be sold. Such a license would cost $100.

The bill was approved last week by the state Legislature.

A group of scientists had attempted to derail the legislation by sending a letter to the Democrat Granholm to veto the bill. They argued that too little is known about the size of the moose herd and its long-term prospects for survival.

Wildlife managers believe roughly 500 moose wander Michigan's far north.

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2Moose hunting in Northern MI???? Empty Re: Moose hunting in Northern MI???? on December 25th 2010, 10:50 am


I spend my fair share of time in the northern lower and U.P. each year, around 3-4 weeks per year and still have only witnessed 1 moose sighting in over 25+ years..Talking to D.N.R. officer's there this year they estimate the U.P. heard at only around 400 animals or less,and that is a pure guess. Those numbers are dwindling due to the wolf's. I personally think moose hunting in Michigan should not be allowed, not enough animals and just another ploy for the state to get more hunter moneys.. Wolf hunting should be first on their list, I am sure this will raise some flags but without wolf populations put into check the future of Michigan's moose herd is in jeopardy...

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